Elephant in the room – conversation with anarchist from Belarus on politics in the country during coronavirus

In this edition of Elephant in the Room we are talking to a friend and comrade from Belarus, country that some call last dictatorship in Europe. Belarus is one of the few countries in the world that didn’t take quarantine measures against coronavirus. At the same time government was trying to prevent any information spread on COVID-19 in the country. With growth of the virus in society people started organizing by themselves to save community from virus and it’s aftermath.

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Solidarity with Georg Floyd uprising in USA from Dresden, Germany

George Floyd was killed by the US state on 25th May. He was killed by the state that gives racists cops every single day their badges and guns to go and harass people on the streets. When nobody tried to save George it was not the only the fear of an individual cop that was preventing actions. It was fear of state repressions against those who question the authority. And even if the murder cop is prosecuted and send to jail the state will still be responsible for this action. There will still be police violence. There will still be racism supported by the state institutions.

With this small action we show our solidarity with people demonstrating and fighting on the streets of US cities this days for their freedom.

Justice for George Floyd and every victim of the state violence!

BAD NEWS 34 – Angry voices from around the world

Welcome to the 34nd episode of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.

This issue is naturally concentrated on topic of corona-virus and it’s influence on our struggles. Unfortunately we have inputs only from one continent this time, but it is special due to the presence of voices of people struggling at Rojava, at Moria refugee camp and prisons in Greece. For us it’s very important to give this voices a chance to be heard.

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Symbolism on the streets

We started this section because a lot of people were confused about anarchist symbols. Some believe that black flag stands for antifa. Other are getting confused about hammer and sickle. We even did a short research on twitter with 7 people out of 58 believing that circled a is a symbol of antifascist movement and 2 thinking that it stands for anti-capitalism. So there is still a long road to go to establish anarchist symbols in German political scene.

However this chapter of circle-a we will dedicate talking about right-wing symbolism. We are not going to explain to you what swastika stands or how does AfD logo looks like. It seems to us that most of the people actually know right wing symbols better than many of their own. It is a captivating dynamic. For sure AfD is quite present in the society with their aggressive advertisement. However the right wing party is also present in progressive parts of the city through its critics. People make a lot of critical visual art that actually incorporates AfD logo into it.

The reproduction of logo, even with critical perspective, is still reproduction of a brand. In modern world we all know that “there is no bad publicity”™. So every time we reproduce symbols of conservatives, extreme-right or straight on nazis we are somehow making their presence in our society bigger even if don’t want that. I believe the place with biggest AfD mention on the walls of the streets is Neustadt in Dresden. In other cities it’s other alternative neighborhoods, where we write “Smash AfD” and so on. The silliness of this situation goes as far as people painting swastikas just to cross them and show their affiliation to the antifascist movement.

We believe the good way to counter this reproduction of enemy propaganda is through positive messages: write slogans that are standing for certain things that anarchist or socialist movement represents. Make it stronger with some nice symbols that can be incorporated to promoted your ideas. You don’t like art that exists around your local resistance movement? Get together with you friends and make new things up. Fight back and create revolutionary symbolism.

But for fuck sake don’t go around painting hammer and sickle or some other reactionary shit!

See you on the streets!

Elect them all – green party joins ruling coalition in Saxony

This text was originally written for Circle-A #10

By the time you read this text it’s been 4-5 months since last elections in Saxony. AfD became the second biggest political party in the region and Michael Kretschmer got his seat back in Parliament most probably out of pity. Many were counting that Kretschmer would leave (after all for CDU this was the worst election since collapse of the wall) and CDU would finally admit their affection to AfD.

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