I’ve been asked if the catalonian independent movement was something new…some kind of recent development. The answer is no, it is not new at all. And the spanish central estate has been aware of it since long. My point is: it was not something that explode in their faces and […]

Independence of Catalonia

It’s been 3 months since release of the first Circle-A to the streets of Dresden. We were working hard to get second issue of the magazine to the city. So did you like the last magazine? Did you already quit your party membership and joined the anarchists? Or you are […]

Circle-A Release Party – 11.11 16:00

We would like to invite you to the next open meeting of our network that will happen in Alaunpark at 12:00 on 24.06.2017. As the meeting takes place at 12:00 we would like to have a nice brunch together in informal atmosphere. That means there will be space for just […]

24.06.2017 Open meeting of Anarchist Network Dresden

There is a lot of information available on internet about everything that is happening in Dresden and outside of the city. Sometimes it feels that there is just too much and it is easy to get lost in all the available information. Instead of starting yet another website with information […]

First edition of Dresden anarchist Info-bulletin

After first open meeting we have decided to move on with development of the network by having every month open meeting. If you are new to the network - you can come and get an introduction into the whole idea. People willing to organize different projects within network will be coming and introducing those to everybody. Those who are interested in same things can find each other and go on with their projects.

Saturday, 29.04, 12.00: Open meeting of the Anarchist Network Dresden