Elephant in the Room – Feminist Union Organizers in Sri Lanka and Indonesia

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This show was inspired of the recent strikes in Bangladesh concerning the garment industry. Due to difficult labor conditions and a lack of enforced work safety regulation the textile industry and especially the workers in those factories are facing many problems. One year ago we conducted an interview with two women from Sri Lanka and Indonesia working in unions with a feminist and queerfeminist mindset. Dian and Chamilla paint us a picture of the fight they are fighting and tell us about the demands they are making in their unions. These two extrodinary women told us first hand about their experience with union work in the garment business, battling not only for minimum wages and fair working hours, but also about the obstacles they are facing trying to organize feminist unionwork in a deeply patriarchal society. Additionally, we talked about the relation between feminism and fair labor conditions.


LITA 2020 – Corona, Kinderbetreung und Awareness

Seit 2010 finden in Dresden mehr oder weniger regelmäßig die Libertären Tage statt. Workshops, Vorträge, Musik, Film, Vernetzung, Diskussion und leckeres Essen bilden jedes mal einen spannenden Rahmen um anarchistische Themen kennenzulernen, zu diskutieren und gemeinsame Pläne zu schmieden. Also seid auch dieses Jahr herzlich willkommen. Wir freuen uns mit euch ein paar gemeinsame Tage zu erleben. Wir haben uns neben der Ausgestaltung des Programms auch Gedanken zu Corona, Kinderbetreuung und Awareness gemacht.