Police in France – increasing attack on society since the state of emergency

In this episode of Elephant in the Room we got together with a comrade Jan B. who is active in struggle against police violence in France. We spoke about the recent increase of police powers in the country since introduction of state of emergency and how escalating police tactics are influencing the modern society.

You will also figure out why french cops bought over 80 000 balaclavas in last years and how police forces are resisting any transparency in their work. And finally you will figure out why the french police is becoming more and more openly fascists in last years.

Police repressions in the time of Coronavirus in Europe

With coronavirus shutting down different parts of the society and the state facing another crisis one of the institutions of power is on the rise. And we are talking about the police. When the attention of public is focused on survival, police institutions all around the world are making steps to make sure that we are coming out of this epidemic to the world of control and surveillance.

In this episode of Elephant in the Room we got together with friends from Spain and France to talk about the rise of authoritarian tendencies in their countries, political repression and where we are moving with this crisis.


Kronstadt – https://kronstadt-hip-hop.bandcamp.com/
Manu Haller – https://manuhaller.bandcamp.com/

Elephant in the Room – Conversation on Covid-19 between different anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios

We got together with different hosts of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios and podcasts from anarchist radio network to talk about activism in their region in times of coronavirus, new state regulations to control the population and challenges anarchist organizers are facing in times of total lockdown around the world. Solidarity is still our weapon even if we got less possibilities to support each other.

Radios on the panel:

  • Črna luknja (Slovenia)
  • Elephant in the Room (Germany)
  • Frequenz A (Germany)
  • The Final Straw Radio (US)
  • 13:21AM (Greece)


Elephant in the room – Italy after first wave of coronavirus

In august 2020 we escaped Germany to visit some comrades in Northern Italy. On one of the super hot nights we recorded an interview with couple of them in their flat talking about coronavirus, self-organization and possible anarchist response to epidemic in the world without a state.

Download from archive.org – https://archive.org/download/italy_full_summer_2020/italy_full.mp3


Elephant in the room – conversation with anarchists from Russia on „Freedom to Navalny“ protests

We got in touch with several anarchist comrades to talk about the recent protests on the streets of different cities in Russia: looked into political events of 2020 and how they brought people to the situation with protests. With comrades we managed to clarify if Navalny is a nazi and the whole protest should be ignored by the anarchists or leftists. And of course we talked about anarchists and their participation in protest movement.


Группа Аркадий Коц – Тот, кто стреляет в рабочих
ЭлектропартиZаны – Наш выбор, свобода