Police in France – increasing attack on society since the state of emergency

In this episode of Elephant in the Room we got together with a comrade Jan B. who is active in struggle against police violence in France. We spoke about the recent increase of police powers in the country since introduction of state of emergency and how escalating police tactics are influencing the modern society.

You will also figure out why french cops bought over 80 000 balaclavas in last years and how police forces are resisting any transparency in their work. And finally you will figure out why the french police is becoming more and more openly fascists in last years.

Zine: Hold together – Critique and Solidarity during Corona Pandemic – finally in English!

The outbreak of the Corona pandemic has ensured that the year 2020 will go down in history. In an attempt to deal with what is happening right now, we decided to make a zine. We would like to share our own perspectives, experiences and our discussions, and contribute anarchist perspectives to the debate. And of course humour, that should not be missing, although it has become quite serious overall.

We want to make a zine that takes Corona seriously, addresses the social conflicts, clearly formulates necessary criticism, takes up the less visible aspects, asks questions and stimulates discussions. Many people should be able to read it but it has not always been easy for us to describe complex issues in a simple manner. However, we have tried to do so by using personal experiences as points of reference. Weiterlesen

Police repressions in the time of Coronavirus in Europe

With coronavirus shutting down different parts of the society and the state facing another crisis one of the institutions of power is on the rise. And we are talking about the police. When the attention of public is focused on survival, police institutions all around the world are making steps to make sure that we are coming out of this epidemic to the world of control and surveillance.

In this episode of Elephant in the Room we got together with friends from Spain and France to talk about the rise of authoritarian tendencies in their countries, political repression and where we are moving with this crisis.


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